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AI Tools

100 Days of AI
5.0 (1)
Challenge yourself: learn all about AI with tailored daily lessons. Lessons are free and last no longer than 30 minutes...
NEO by 1x Technologies
5.0 (2)
NEO is a bipedal intelligent android assistant with humanized hands currently under development. The project is supported by OpenAI...
Rufus by Amazon
4.0 (4)
Rufus is an expert shopping assistant on the Amazon platform to answer all your questions. Available in Beta version...
4.2 (4)
The production of visual marketing content in automatic mode...
4.7 (4)
Prepare for the SAT with an AI tool containing thousands of practice questions. Get personalized advice on how to improve your scores with
5.0 (1)
Automate your Google Ads campaigns and create high-performance advertisements...
Gingerbread by Adobe
0.0 (0)
A feature designed by Adobe that uses 3D modeling to adjust the angle and perspective of an image in AI...
Acrobat AI by Adobe
5.0 (2)
Interact quickly with your documents thanks to Adobe Acrobate's AI assistant. Ask questions, get instant summaries and create powerful content...
Adobe Express
4.7 (4)
Get free use of the popular generative AI powered by Adobe Firefly with this online graphics-editing tool...
Adobe Lightroom
4.9 (7)
Remove any element from an image, cleanly and without a trace. Enhance your photos with ease, with AI natively integrated into Lightroom...
4.5 (2)
AgentCrew lets you create fast, high-performance IA workflows. Easily automate a wide range of business tasks...
5.0 (3)
Gemma is a range of open, lightweight, cutting-edge models inspired by Google's Gemini. Two models are currently available (2B and 7B)...